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Did God Allow Noah To Eat Meat?

The passage of Genesis 9:2-4 was the subject of great debate and controversy. After years of study and research and virtually leaving no stone unturned on the subject, to date I have not read a commentary on the passage which is worthy of a serious consideration. Generally it is argued that here we have the first biblical passage where God explicitly told Noah that he may kill any animal he wanted to in order to eat its flesh. Even vegetarians who abhor meat eating and who practice vegetarianism on ethical grounds admit that here we are faced with a biblical text which clearly sanctions the killing of animals and eating of their flesh. All they can say is that due to the fallen and corrupt nature of humanity God gave a “concession” concerning meat diet but it was not His ideal as in Genesis 1:30 where God ideally prescribed a completely vegetarian diet. But nothing can be further from the truth.

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Did Jesus Eat Fish?

 There is only one passage in the whole of the New Testament where it is explicitly and specifically said that Jesus actually ate meat. If this text is true and genuine and in fact inspired by the Holy Spirit, then it would follow that Jesus was not and could not have been a vegetarian. But if on the other hand it can be satisfactorily demonstrated that this passage in Luke 24 is actually a forgery, then it follows that Jesus must have been a vegetarian, since a lying hand felt a need to insert a lying passage in order to portray Jesus as a carnivorous being.

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Sunday, 25 August 2019 04:13

Joseph Smith Jr., the founder of Mormonism, was a mighty miracle worker. He possessed great healing power. When unable to personally anoint and pray for the sick he sent anointed handkerchief and the sick were healed.


Another very prominent healer was George Fox, the founder of Quakers. Fox was one of the first advocates of “divine healing” some two centuries before the birth of Pentecostalism. Fox began his healing ministry in 1672. The Society of Friends however did not regard miracles and healing power to be the proof of their ministry but rather only a part of the total ministry.


The True Jesus Church, a Sabbatherian Pentecostal Church adhering to Oneness Pentecostalism, abounds with miracles. It claims millions of members. It is reported that virtually all residents of South Sun Island, some 40,000 in number, are members of the True Jesus Church. The Island was converted, so it is reported, after certain members of the True Jesus Church raised a dead man.


We cannot speak of miracles without calling to mind the tremendous deeds of the Roman Catholic priest Padre Pio, also known as the stigmatist. Padre Pio was born as Francesco Forgione on the 25th of May, 1887, in the village of Pietrelcina near Benevento. From childhood he was deeply religious according to the Roman Catholic tradition. He was ordained to the priesthood on August 10, 1910 in the Cathedral of Benevento. On September 20, 1918 Padre Pio miraculously developed wounds in his hands, feet and side, commonly referred to as stigmata. He had bled constantly from these wounds until 1968, the year of his death. Padre Pio had the gift of prophecy and he was also the miracle worker.

John Fairley and Simon Welfare write:


“It was in 1968 that the most venerated stigmatist of modern times, Padre Pio, was laid to rest at San Giovani Rotondo in southern Italy. He had bled constantly from the hands and feet for more than 50 years...He is supposed to have had the gift of prophecy, even telling the present Pope John Paul II that he would one day be Pontiff. He is credited with innumerable miracles of healing, on a scale even larger than Lourdes: a girl born with no irises in the pupils of her eyes to whom he gave sight, paralyzed people walking, cancer victims cured” [World of Strange Powers, pp. 149-150].


Padre Pio performed a great miracle on little Giovannino in Foggia, South Italy. Giovannino was born cripple and could only crawl. His back was badly deformed and the boy was forced on all four. One day the bleeding hands of Padre Pio touched the boy and he was healed immediately.

Reader’s Digest Mysteries of the Unexplained on page 272 describes this event in the following manner:


“Giovannino - Little John - could only crawl on his hands and knees through the streets of his hometown, Foggia, in southern Italy. He was nine years old and had been born a hunchback. An object of contempt to children of his own age, and an object of pity to his elders, he was unable even to dress himself, for the curve of his spine brought his chin almost to the ground. To his parents, Giovannino’s loneliness and deformity were a source of daily and enduring heartbreak. One day as Giovannino was crawling along a street in Foggia, he felt someone touch his back. Unused to human contact in the street, he was startled. Suddenly he found himself standing upright, and he caught a brief glimpse of the bleeding hand of the monk who had just touched him. “Padre Pio”! Giovannino called, “Padre Pio”! - but the monk had gone. Giovannino ran and leaped like a lamb. At the door of his home, his mother asked him, in a formal manner, what he wanted. Then she recognized him and fell to her knees in prayer. “Padre Pio touched me with his hands!” her son said again and again”.


The article further states:


“Padre Pio was born in 1887 in the village of Pietrelcina, near Benevento in southern Italy. When he was 17 he joined the Capuchins, an order of Franciscan monks, and for 11 years lived the quiet life of a novice. Then, on September 20, 1915, he began to experience pains in his hands, feet, and side. Doctors could find no reason for these pains and had no reason to suspect that they were the prelude to something extraordinary. On September 20, 1918, Padre Pio collapsed in agony during his prayers at the altar of the church in Foggia. His brother monks found him there, unconscious and bleeding from his hands, feet and side. The wounds of the crucified Christ had been duplicated in his flesh. They were to defy every medical effort to heal them, and he would bear them for the rest of his life...As the century wore on, Padre Pio’s fame spread across the world”.


Padre Pio also gave sight to the girl born without irises in the pupils of her eyes. He healed the paralyzed and cured those with cancer. He was also capable of bilocation. He travelled to distant places conversing with people while actually bodily present at his cloister. Please note the following quote from Reader’s Digest Strange Stories Amazing Facts, page 382:


“General Luigi Cardona, Chief of the Italian General Staff, was in despair after a crushing defeat of his armies by the Germans in Slovenia in 1917. He sat in his tent holding his service revolver and contemplating suicide. Suddenly, a monk appeared and admonished him: ‘Don’t be so stupid!’ - then vanished utterly. Years after the First World War, the general visited the church of San Giovani Rotondo at Foggia in Central Italy. He saw a monk, whom he recognised as the one who had appeared in his tent. As the monk passed, he told the general ‘You had a lucky escape, my friend.’ The monk was Padre Pio, a humble peasant priest who has since become a famous as a worker of miracles...What makes the story remarkable is that, for the entire duration of the war, Padre Pio never left his convent at Foggia.”


Padre Pio was the man of miracles. His stigmata itself was a miracle. But this does not prove that his Romish Church is part of the true religion Jesus re-established and the Ebionites faithfully adhered to. Miracles account to nothing if the Law of God is nullified. Padre Pio and his Romish Church nullified the Law and adhered to doctrines defined as “abominable” by God. His miracles and the miracles of all those who live contrary to the true Law of God are invalid and must be discarded.


Stigmata or “the wounds of Christ” are not peculiar among the Roman Catholics only. Cloretta Robertson from Oakland, California first developed the bleeding wounds at Easter 1974 while attending Emery High School in Oakland. In addition to the five traditional wounds - hands, feet and left side - she also developed a bleeding wound on the forehead. Ever since her first experience she develops the same phenomenon every Easter. Sometimes she bleeds from all six wounds. At other times just from the hands.


After her first experience the principal informed Cloretta’s mother of the case. She was immediately taken to the local family doctor who cleaned the blood but could find no wounds or logical cause for bleeding. She was then taken to Kaiser Hospital in Oakland where she was examined by Dr. Kaia. He cleaned her up but the blood continued to flow. He could not find any wounds or scientific explanation. Afterwards she was examined by doctors across the nation and overseas but all they could say was “This is strange! This is very strange!”. After the stigmata Cloretta has continued to attend the New Light Baptist Church in which she took an active part. Pastor Hester expressed his joy and pride to his congregation by saying:


“Our church has been chosen for the most wonderful manifestation, which we must cherish and be worthy of. The wounds of Christ have shown themselves on our Cloretta.”


After her first experience Cloretta realized that she inherited a miraculous power to a certain degree. Whenever possible she used it to help and cure the sick. Does the miraculous manifestation of Cloretta prove the authenticity of the Baptist Church?

Can we talk of miracles and forget the solar miracle of Fatima? “Virgin Mary” appeared to three young children by the names of Lucia, her brother Francisco and their cousin Jacinta. “Mary” asked them to fervently pray for the sinners of the world and to make great sacrifices for those bound for hell. The three children announced to the world that on October 13, 1917 “Virgin Mary” was going to appear at Cova da Iria and perform a great miracle so that all may believe. For several months prior to this day every 13th of the month the children continued to see apparitions of the “Virgin.”


Devout Catholics believed the announcement but many ridiculed it. On October 13 some 100,000 gathered at Cova da Iria eagerly awaiting the fulfillment of the promise. About noon the “Virgin” appeared and performed a miraculous sign on the sun. The phenomenon lasted some three hours. On 15 October the official paper Diario de Noticias [Daily News] reported the incident under the heading The Miracle of Fatima. Another government newspaper O Seculo [The Century] reported the incident under the heading: Terrifying Event! How the sun danced at midday in the sky of Fatima. The miracle was reported all across the world.


The miraculous event is thus described in Reader’s Digest Mysteries of the Unexplained:


“On May 13, 1917, a vision appeared to three shepherd children near the village of Fatima in Portugal. On a cloud that hovered above an oak tree they saw the shining figure of a woman, “a beautiful lady from Heaven”. The lady told the children - Lucia, 10, Francisco, 9, and Jacinta, 7 - to meet her in the same place on the 13th of each month until October. A month later, about 50 people gathered to see the apparition. Some of them claimed to see a cloud above the tree, but only the children saw the lady herself. A larger crowd assembled the following month, but again the lady was invisible to all but the children. By now there was considerable opposition to the story and the unwelcome publicity it was bringing to the district, and on August 13 the children were arrested by the local prefect. Two days of interrogation failed to make them change their testimony. On the 19th of the month the lady again appeared to them, this time, at Valinhos, not far from Fatima, and told them that they would see her again for the last time on October 13. A crowd of 50,000 gathered, on a wet and dismal day, to see the last apparition. This time the shining lady, again invisible to all but the children, announced her identity: she was Our Lady of the Rosary, and she told them three “secrets” about the future. Then something shocking happened. The rain suddenly stopped and the sun came out. At first it seemed to start spinning and then it began to plunge crazily toward the earth. The crowd was terrified. After a moment the sun returned to its normal position and then, twice more, repeated the same manouver. Later, people found that their clothing, which had been soaked in the downpour, was quite dry.”


Italian scientist investigated the case and he published his conclusions in his book Fatima in the Light of Faith and Science. Pio Sciatizzi was a professor of algebra and trigonometry at the Gregorian University, Rome, and is an outstanding mathematician and astronomer, highly regarded in the Italian scientific world.

He concluded:


“Of the historic reality of this event there can be no doubt whatsoever. That it was outside and against known laws can be proved by certain simple scientific considerations...Given the indubitable reference to God  and the general context of the event, it seems that we must attribute to Him alone the most obvious and colossal miracle of history”.


In very recent times, Medjugorje, a town in Hercegovina - a former republic of Yugoslavia - has become center of Marian apparitions.

Dictionary of Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements states:


“MEDJUGORJE:  Site of Marian apparitions in Yugoslavia since 1981. The phenomenon of Medjugorje has had from its inception an undoubted affinity and association with Catholic Charismatic Renewal. At an International Leader’s meeting in Rome in May 1981, a Yugoslav charismatic, Fr. Tomislav Vlasic, asked other leaders to pray with him for the healing of the church. Sr. B. McKenna had a mental picture while streams of water flowed from the seat. Fr. E. Tardif gave a prophecy, ‘Do not fear. I am sending you my mother’. The following month, on June 24 the apparitions began in Medjugorje, a village in southern Hercegovina, to six young people...Medjugorje has from an early date drawn large crowds of pilgrims, increasingly from many nations. While the Roman Catholic church is slow to approve such phenomena, apparitions even eventually recognized as authentic may have only a relatively local significance. Medjugorje, however, shows signs of becoming internationally significant on the scale of Lourdes and Fatima. Medjugorje is distinctive in that apparitions have continued, virtually on a daily basis, over many years, which is without obvious historical precedent. The Medjugorje visionaries report seeing the figure of the Virgin Mary and holding conversations with her...The messages given to the visionaries at Medjugorje are more evidently evangelical in tone and content than those of previous Marian apparitions, with an emphasis on personal love of Jesus, the role of the Holy Spirit, an emphasis on the Holy Scriptures, and a commendation of prayer meetings. One reported message stated, ‘The important thing is to beg the Holy Spirit that he may come down. When you have the Spirit, you have everything. People are deceiving themselves when they only turn to the saints to ask for anything’. It is too soon to pronounce on the effects of the Medjugorje events on the Roman Catholic church and on the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. Much will clearly depend on the results of the official church investigations currently proceeding” [Page 599].


Miracles are not confined within the realm of Christianity only. Appolonius of Tyana, a contemporary of Jesus, practiced neo-Pythagoreanism. He had a band of disciples following him. He performed great miracles, healing a demoniac, lame, blind and paralytic. When arrested and brought to trial he simply vanished. Bhudda, the founder of Bhuddism, was a mighty miracle worker. The magicians of Pharaoh performed miracles [Exodus 7:11,22]. The witch of Endor was a woman of miracles. Simon Magus performed great miracles. The people believed that he was a Great Power[Acts 8].


Edgar Cayce was a great man of miracles. Please note the following quote:


“As a young lad growing up in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, USA, in the late 1880s, Edgar Cayce surprised his parents with his ability to see ‘auras’. One day a radiant being appeared to him and asked what he most wished for. The young Edgar replied that he would like to be able to heal the sick. In time, Cayce became probably the best-known and most influential psychic healer of the twentieth century. He first became aware of his power to heal at the age of 21...Soon afterwards thousands of people worldwide were asking Cayce for treatment. Preferrring not to meet his patients, Cayce would note their names and addresses before entering a trance. He would then diagnose problems and recommend treatments. He had no knowledge of medicine, yet in his trances he would name parts of the body and pronounce diagnoses in medical terms...The abilities of the “sleeping prophet”, as he Cayce soon became known, eventually encompassed more than just healing...After the publication of a biography of Cayce in 1943, demand for his help grew, and he increased his readings to as many as six a day, giving 1385 readings in one year. In August 1944 he collapsed from exhaustion and died the following January at the age of 67. Although the conventional medical community as a whole would not endorse Cayce’s cures, hundreds of individual medical practitioners supported him, and today his readings continue to be studied” [Reader’s Digest Almanac of the Uncanny, p. 338].


In our modern times, Sai Baba the guru from India, is known as man of miracles. He had more than 50 million followers. He claimed to be the reincarnation of a Hindu miracle worker called Sai Baba of Shirdi, who died in 1918. He is reported to have raised a dead man who had been dead for three days. Sai Baba regularly performs healings in person and distance. He claims to have a complete telephatic knowledge of all his devotees’ activities. Although Sai Baba has a little formal education and does not read books or meditates yet he quotes extensively from the Bible, the Koran, Socrates, Immanuel Kant and Karl Marx, as well as from ancient Hindu scriptures. Sai Baba is so worldly acclaimed that Reader’s Digest Almanac of the Uncanny on page 441 admits:


“scientific observers have yet to find definite proof that Sai Baba is not a genuine man of miracles.”


Many non Pentecostal Christians are skeptical and maintain that there are no real and genuine miracles performed by Pentecostals and other Christians. They also deny the miracles of those from other religions. But here I am interested especially in miracles within the Christian realm. If in the past 1900 years or so there were no genuine miracles within Christendom, then Jesus was a false prophet. For he most emphatically prophesied that many false christs and false prophets would appear and perform great miracles. Please note Matthew 24:24:


“For false christs  and false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders, so as to deceive, if possible, even the elect" [NKJV].


Jesus said that they would perform great signs and wonders or miracles. So why deny it? In Matthew 7:22 Jesus said:


"Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in your name, cast out demons in your name, and done many wonders in your name?"


Jesus said that many would perform great miracles in his name but he would not recognize them. We will see why later. In Revelation 13:13 we are told:


"This second beast performed great miracles; it made fire come down out of heaven to earth in the sight of everyone" [Good News Bible]


In the Martyrdom and Ascension of Isaiah 4:4-6 we read:


“The angel, Beliar, will come in the form of that king, and with him will come all the powers of this world, and they will obey him in every wish. By his word he will cause the sun to rise by night, and the moon also he will cause to appear at the sixth hour [noon]...and the power of his miracles will be in every city and district, and he will set up his image before him in every city.”


These are powerful miracles that even Jesus did not perform. So why deny Jesus' prophecy and negate the many miracles performed throughout the ages? Because Jesus knew that many will come in his name and perform great many miracles but at the same time teach that God's Royal Law is abolished, that is why he instructed us to be alert so that we could recognize the false prophets and not be deceived. In Matthew 24:4;11 we read:


 “Take heed that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name, saying 'I am the Christ,' and will deceive many" [NKJV].


The Bible for Today renders it in this way:


"Don't let anyone fool you. Many will come and claim to be me. They will say that they are the Messiah, and they will fool many people."


The word “deception” means: “act or practice of concealing or misrepresenting the truth.” The misconception and misrepresentation of the facts begins in this very verse. It is commonly believed and assumed that Jesus warned against the prophets who would allegedly come and claim to be “Messiahs” themselves and will thus lead many astray. But there actually were few people since Jesus’ day either in Judaism or Christianity or in any other religion for that matter, who actually claimed that they were “Messiahs” or “Christs.” Jesus therefore could not have meant that the false prophets who he said would be many would actually claim to be Messiahs themselves. What did Jesus then actually mean? Put simply, many, and he really meant many, would come and acknowledge Jesus as the Messiah or Christ but despite of this fact they will actually be false prophets and will deceive a great many people. Now one of the characteristics of the false prophets is that they will come and acknowledge Jesus as the Messiah. They will very much talk about the truth. But they will actually conceal or misrepresent the Truth and by doing so will actually deceive millions upon millions of people. These deceivers and false prophets are cunning. They do not come with horns and a pitchfork, in the way Satan is commonly depicted. They rather come in sheep's clothing. Matthew 7:15 quotes Jesus as saying:


“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves” [NKJV].


Please note. The false prophets appear to be as gentle and as innocent as lambs. But inwardly are ravenous wolves,  because their only intention is to devour you spiritually. Now this does not mean that every pastor, preacher, teacher, prophet, theologian, and call them whatever you like, is actually a ravenous wolf. That is, not all of them come to you with evil and malicious intention. Many have been deceived into accepting and believing the things they believe and teach. They therefore teach deception because they themselves were deceived in the first place. To them Jesus’ statement recorded in Matthew 15:14 applies:


“Let them alone. They are blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind leads the blind, both will fall into a ditch" [NKJV].


Now naturally, if your pastor or preacher is himself deceived, he will also deceive you, if you listen to him and accept his teaching to be true. But there are pastors and teachers and prophets whose only intention is to deceive you and therefore devour you spiritually. But these evil and malicious teachers do not come to you with their true colors. They come to you as lambs. They appear to be gentle, polite and very nice people. They are charismatic leaders and their charisma appeals to you. Deep down in their souls, says Jesus, they are ravenous wolves, because their only aim and intention is to deceive you and destroy you spiritually.


Now even Paul himself states that false teachers are cunning and you should watch out for them. In 1 Corinthians 11:13-15 Paul wrote:


“For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works" [NKJV].


Your own Bible tells you that if your pastor or preacher or prophet appears to be as gentle as a lamb, and reflects charisma which appeals to you, that in itself does not prove that he or she is not a deceiver and a ravenous wolf, posing as the preacher of righteousness. In closing I will quote Matthew 7:21-23 again:


"Not everyone who says to me Lord, Lord, shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my Father in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in your name, cast out demons in your name, and done many wonders in your name? And then I will declare to them, I never knew you; depart from me, you who practice lawlessness!"[NKJV].


King James Bible uses the word 'iniquity.' The word 'iniquity' means 'lawlessness' or 'transgression of the law.' John stated that sin is "transgression of the Law" [1 John 3:4].


Almost all Christian denominations teach that God's original and true Law was abolished and abrogated and nailed to a cross. They teach that if you observe God's Law you are under a curse. But if God's Law has been done away with, then no one can be a sinner and guilty, since only the one who transgresses the law is a law breaker and an outlaw and a sinner. But there are those, primarily within the Sacred Name assemblies, who teach that all 613 commands of the Mosaic Law should be observed. Others claim that the commands concerning slavery, sacrifices and food are abolished. All these are deceivers for no command which God originally gave has been done away with and is in force even today. However, the commands concerning slavery, sacrifices and the eating of flesh were never given by the true God but are rather a product of the lying pen of the scribes. I cannot deal with all these in here but I have dealt with it elsewhere in my writings. My main purpose in this article was to demonstrate that the Pentecostalism which has infiltrated so many denominations, even the Catholic Church, is a deceptive movement, influenced by the demonic spirits. Don't let glossolalia, trances and miracles deceive you and do not allow that to be your guide, but rather God's will, expressed in His eternal and Holy Law.  


Pentecostals boast about the miracles performed in their churches. They boast about the “Spirit Baptism.” But they also teach you to nullify and reject the Law of God. Among other things they teach you to murder When the Assemblies of God were first formed they supported the pacifist view. Later they adopted a view of non-combat service. Finally they took anti-pacifist view.


Charles Fox Parham - the initiator of the Pentecostal Movement advocated total pacifism. He retained the view of the Holiness Churches - from which he emerged. Qakers, Church of the Nazarene, the Free Methodists, and the Wesleyan Methodists were all conscientious objectors. Alexander Campbell, Dwight L. Moody and John Alexander Dowie advocated total pacifism and refused membership to soldiers.


Arthur Sydney Booth-Climborn, wrote a pacifist book entitled Blood Against Blood, which was highly praised in the Weekly Evangel [official magazine of the Assemblies of God]. In 1917 the Assemblies of God officially declared its opposition to war based on biblical references: follow peace, love your enemies, and thou shalt not kill. In the same year, the Church of God [Clevaland, Tenn.] declared the same stance on war. This became the international stance among the Pentecostal churches of the world. Shortly after this international injunction on war the revolution broke out in Russia. The Russian Pentecostals followed the course of pacifism. In 1927 however they altered this course and the leaders advised the members to take part in armed forces. In latter part of 1917 Eudorus N. Bell wrote an article in the Weekly Evangel justifying participation in a “just war.” He insisted that a soldier who killed in battle was not a murderer but a vehicle of justice. Frank Bartleman hit back with an article: War and the Christian. He insisted that War Church is the Harlot Church. In 1930 the British leader Donald Gee wrote an article in the Weekly Evangel of the Assemblies of God condemning the contemporary view on war. He was told to tolerate the views of those who thought otherwise. As the World War I broke out the prominent leader of the Elim Pentecostal Churches by the name of James McWhirter declared that pacifism was unbiblical position. In 1939 the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God encouraged the members to seek non-combat positions. At the same time he affirmed that those who killed in war were not murderers.


The Assemblies of God sent 50,000 of its members to armed forces. The Pentecostal Holiness Church also sent thousands of its members to fight. Its chief leader Dan T. Muse condemned all protests of war and stated that all who refused to fight were dishonoring God.

The post-World War II position is thus summarized by the Dictionary of the Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements:


“...In the Korean War and Vietnam War Pentecostals rarely sought noncombatant or conscientious objector status. Amazingly, in 1947 a committee reported to the General Council of the Assemblies of God that after due consideration no change was necessary in the statement of the denomination. But in 1957 the scriptural reference of ‘Thou shalt not kill’ was dropped without a comment...In 1961 the executive presbytery of the Assemblies of God blocked publication in the Pentecostal Evangel of an article advocating conscientious objection to war...Thus while some Pentecostals retained residues of the general pacifism of an earlier era, others had even gone beyond non-pacifism and had hardened into an anti-pacifist position” [Page 659].


Assemblies of God may brag about the miracles in their circles. They may brag about the “tongues” they speak. But they are workers of iniquity. They advocate and sanction murder.






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